For Hypnosis:

For the past 20+ years, my husband and I have actively pursued personal development and have read many self-help books, attended lectures and created environments conducive to positive personal growth. These practices have been very successful however we both recognized this year we might have a few indeterminate “subconscious blocks” and decided to seek professional help to unlock our subconscious mind thereby unleashing greater self-awareness and potential. 
Not being one that easily relaxes I was somewhat skeptical about the idea of hypnosis, but in just three separate one hour-long sessions Jesslyn expertly assisted us in identifying major subconscious “blocks” that we had “a sense of “ but were unable to produce or define on our own. During our individual sessions of observing our subconscious we both experienced deep feelings of inner calm, peace, and an increased feeling of self-determination and freedom of thought and action.
Jesslyn’s professionalism and intuitive technique yielded us amazing results far greater than we had hoped for. The impact it has had on our lives has been tremendous – our previous habitual methods of self-analysis and awareness have deepened and we are very happy with the results.
We highly recommend Jesslyn Shani for helping anyone with their unconscious that may be unproductively impacting their life and want to move forward. We are very thankful for having seen her and for creating a highly effective conduit of both of us and sharing her wonderful gift with others. ~ Julie V.

For Reiki:

I came to Jesslyn Shani in hopes of facing my biggest fear. I was shot as a child by accident but it made me very afraid of guns. No surprise. 
My hypnotherapy apt gave me the tools and prepared me for what I was about to face. The gun range. I didn't even think I could make it past the door. 
Jesslyn prepared me for the events that go along with going. She placed me in a calming environment. She walked me through each sensory that I would encounter. Reassured me that my feeling were valid and they were ok but to not let them paralyze me. 
I made it all the way to the target shooting room until I felt overwhelmed. I still really wanted to follow through so I continued on. I was prepared for this moment through the therapy session. I just needed to keep calm. I let my husband go first as I was still adjusting to the sounds. After a while I thought ok I just need to shoot it once and I accomplished my goal. With my husband by my side I pulled the trigger and I actually hit my target. It was so empowering I pulled it again. I probably shot 3 rounds by the time it was all said and done. 
I left there feeling lighter in my step. A weight lifted from my shoulders.  A proudness I have never felt before and empowered that I faced my biggest fear. 
I don't think I could have done it without the help of Jesslyn. She is so caring and good at her skill. I would recommend her to anyone. ~Erin K.

I had my first session of Reiki ever, and am so happy it was with Jesslyn. I admit, as a skeptic I had mixed feelings going in, but I know and trust her to be extremely professional, intuitive, thoughtful and pragmatic as well. What a wonderful set of skill!! I can say that I am very impressed and rather blown away at the amount of insight I gained in just one session. I had so many emotional and physical reactions that were enlightening, and helped me realize many of the areas I can work and address for better overall wellbeing. I also realized the importance of doing so for myself, so that I may be more present for those I love so much. Will definitely continue, and highly recommend to others. ~Shoshanna M.

Just had an amazing reiki session with Jesslyn. I feel mentally, physically, and spiritually lighter. She has a very healing energy. ~ Shannon K.

As a 'healing' practitioner for over 8 years I have been humbled by the number of clients that I have been blessed to help and guide to their better selves. I have testimonials for almost all life issues that Hypnosis and Reiki can assist with clearing up, yet too many to print here - so if there is a certain testimonial you are looking for let me know and I wold be happy to share with you. Again thank you so much to all my clients with trusting me to be your guide on your journey to an amazing life! ~ jesslyn