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Do not let cost be a deciding factor in allowing you to become the best you can be!

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Q. How long is the consult?

A. Usually between 25-30 minutes

Q. How long are sessions?

A. Sessions are 50 minutes

Q. How much will this cost?

A. Various session packages are made to fit your budget and goal timeline. Anywhere from 3-8 sessions; however most clients find they experience their achievement after the 6th session and then opt to come in as needed for tune-ups.

  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Sleep
  • Eliminate Fears & Sadness
  • Goal Achievements
  • Sports Enhancement
  • Kids : ADD, School Studies, Confidence
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Release
  • Better Health
  • Release fears of medical procedures
  • Find Your Clear Purpose!
  • The most popular question that is asked, is "How many sessions will I need?"
  • There is no one answer that fits all. We offer a free consultation to meet you and evaluate if hypnosis is right tool for you to achieve your goals.  
  • Once the consultation is finished, you will be presented with a list of service options.  
  • Sessions are purchased in packages based on what is recommended to you.
  • For your convenience we accept cash and all major credit cards.